10+ Female Idols Who Were Caught Staring At BTS Members

ARMY can relate to these celebrity fangirls.

1. Yura and Sojin loved Jimin‘s shirtless performance!

During the 2014 MAMA, these fangirls couldn’t stop cheering on Jimin’s bold, sexy dance.


2. During “MIC Drop”, Red Velvet just couldn’t look away.

Many of the members barely blinked throughout the performance and danced along, but even Ice Queen Irene couldn’t help jamming out to the chorus.


3. When BTS won “Album of the Year” Jeongyeon had the cutest reaction.

When Jin appeared on the screen, she touched her hand to her heart as if it was beating too fast.


4. When Jin sang “Crystal Snow”, Jeongyeon couldn’t take her eyes off him.

All of TWICE danced along to Jin’s song, but Jeongyeon was especially attentive.


5. During the same show, host Hong Jin-young became flustered.

After singing the line “I miss you” from “Spring Day”, she told BTS “We really missed you”, then shyly covered her face.


6. Jungkook‘s aegyo won Heyne‘s heart.

When asked if there was anything the Golden Maknae couldn’t do, Jimin said aegyo. Naturally, Jungkook had to prove him wrong.

When J-Hope pointed out how much Heyne had enjoyed seeing Jungkook’s aegyo, Heyne began to fan her blushing face.

Heyne liked it so much that she asked him to do it one more time! Afterward she exclaimed, “Ah, that’s really good!“, while trying to calm her fangirl heart.


7. Nayeon was spotted watching Jungkook while on stage.

Nayeon can be seen staring off in Jungkook’s direction before catching herself. Nice try, Nayeon!


8. Saeron struggled to stick to the script when she and Jungkook were MCs for Music Core.

Even though Jungkook’s “Boy in Luv” serenade was scripted, Saeron looked like she genuinely enjoyed the moment. She blinked quickly, as if flustered, when he began to sing and then happily accepted his rose.


9. During the same broadcast, Sana was all goo-goo eyes.

She was completely charmed by Jungkook’s sweet aegyo and couldn’t keep her eyes off him.


10. Joy can’t resist J-Hope’s sunshine.

When J-Hope did something silly on stage, she burst out laughing. Even when he was just talking, Joy kept smiling at him. It’s impossible not to!


11. Oh My Girl struggled to stand near BTS on stage.

Like all BTS fangirls, the Oh My Girl members had to fight to keep their cool while in the presence of these super talented and super attractive men.

Unfortunately, the harder they tried not to stare, the more it looked like they wanted to!


12. While MCing with V, Jisoo fell for his cuteness.

Although Jisoo focused on MCing like a total pro, she couldn’t stop smiling to herself each time V did something adorable.


14. BLACKPINK was blown away by BTS’s “Fire” performance.

Their jaws literally dropped!