Here Are 10 Female Idols Who Defined The Term “Sexy Queen” In K-Pop

They truly made the concept their own!

Idols love flooring fans with each of their concepts! From innocent and cute to wild and sexy, idols have shown so many of their abilities, attracting fans everywhere with their flair and talent. Here are 10 female idols who, throughout the years, have truly embraced their sexuality, and defined what it means to be a sexy queen!


1) Hyuna

Hyuna is arguably one of K-Pop’s most famous sexy icons! From her re-debut with the group 4MINUTE until now, she’s carried the sexy-queen title extremely well, for a very long time! She’s branched off into a solo career, but continues to be acknowledged as one of the front-runners of the sexy concept!


2. Hyolyn

Former SISTAR member Hyolyn is another iconic sexy idol! Along with the rest of her group members, she helped shape one of K-Pop’s girl groups best known for their sexy concepts, and SISTAR also has the well-deserved title of “sexy summer queens”!

3. Hyoseong

Former SECRET member Hyoseong is also well-known for her sexy visuals! She defined the term “sexy-queen” with her gorgeous visuals and talents, and is known for her sexy charm even today!

4. AOA’s Seolhyun

AOA is another group known for their sexy concept, and Seolhyun is just one of the members from the group who carries the concept so well! She became hugely popular as “Korea’s It Girl”, and her visuals have always been talked about, and just adds to her immense talent!

5. MAMAMOO’s Hwasa

MAMAMOO‘s Hwasa is a confident sexy queen! Despite all her “scandals”, she carries herself with the utmost pride and sexy energy. She knows exactly who she is, and if she’s got it, she flaunts it!

6. Girl’s Day’s Yura

Girl’s Day is another group known for their sexy concepts! With a comeback like “Something”, Girls Day truly cemented themselves as an iconic, confident and sexy group, and Yura is just one member who truly owned the concept!

7. Brown Eyed Girls’ Gain

Brown Eyed GirlsGain has been a sexy icon for more than a decade! Along with her group, her own foray into a solo career has been abundant with sexy concepts, and fans love to see a self-assured queen embracing every side of herself!

8. Former 9MUSES’s member Kyungri

9MUSES was another group that specialized in the sexy concept! Kyungri carried the concept especially well, and truly cemented herself as a sexy, sensuous queen! Although the group disbanded, their legacy still lives on as an extremely talented and sexy group!

9. EXID’s Hani

EXID is another group that just did sexy so well! EXID’s Hani is one member who’s said to be very comfortable with the sexy concept, and she carries it off so well!

10. Jessi

A charismatic rapper and a self-assured woman makes Jessi one sexy queen! She rocks any concept, and carries herself off with confidence!


We love confident, self-assured, sexy queens!