10 Female K-Pop Idols With RBF Who Are Actually The Sweetest People Ever

RBFs are an inaccurate way of knowing what a person is actually like

If you have RBF, chances are that you’ve been asked many times whether you’re angry or upset.

We all know that everyone has a different facial expression when their face is relaxed. While some people may look intimidating, we know that just because they look cold naturally, doesn’t mean they don’t have a warm personality.

Idols are expected to showcase various charms and to be entertainers for the public. But some idols naturally look stoic.

This has led to criticism of female idols in particular, who are occasionally accused of being rude and unprofessional despite not being able to do anything about having an RBF.

However, fans know that an idol’s facial expressions is not an accurate reflection of their persona. In fact, many idols with RBF are some of the most hard-working and kindest people once you get to know them.

Tzuyu – Twice


Jessica Jung

Krystal – F(x)

SinB – GFriend

CL – 2NE1

Irene – Red Velvet



Lia – ITZY

Female idols don’t have to be smiling all the time for people to know that they are bright, kind and funny women.

Thankfully, their fans know this and will always support them even when other people may not understand this.