Here Are 10+ Female K-Pop Idols That Have Redefined The “Girl Crush” Concept

They’re the queens of the girl crush concept!

Girls groups have so many concepts! From cute to elegant to girl crush to sexy, there are so many sides of them that they work hard to share with their audience! Here are 10+ female idols who are the quintessential girl crush idols!


1) CL

CL‘s the OG bada*s queen! She dominates with her talents, stage presence and personality, and is a serious girl crush idol!


2) Hyuna

Hyuna, the sexy queen, is also an idol with a strong irl crush image. Her presence is inimitable, and she oozes charisma and charm on stage!


3) (G)I-DLE’s Soyeon

(G)I-DLE‘s Soyeon is a force to be reckoned with! She overflows with talent, she also has a directive power in her that helps her lead her group well, instilling in them the same confidence she operates with.


4) MAMAMOO’s Moonbyul

MAMAMOO‘s resident girl crush, Moonbyul, is a powerful and charismatic rapper, and fans love her unique personality and image!


5) Red Velvet’s Seulgi

Red Velvet‘s Seulgi is a very talented performer, and dominates the stage with her facial expressions and incredible aura!


6) EXID’s Hani

EXID‘s Hani is a very talented aura, whose charms burst out with serious girl crush vibes!



EVERGLOW‘s Mia is in charge of the girl crush concept in her group, and she carries that title well! With her incredible talents and expressions, the girl’s charisma is off the charts!


8) BLACKPINK’s Jennie

BLACKPINK‘s Jennie generally has a strong girl crush allure, but its becomes even more pronounced in her performances! On stage, she absolutely dominates with her strong rap and incredible stage presence!


9) ITZY’s Yeji

ITZY‘s main image is of edgy, self-confident girls, and Yeji fits that image to a T! Her vocals and dancing on stage, coupled with her intense gaze, make for an idol that defines the girl crush concept very well!


10) BLACKPINK’s Lisa

BLACKPINK’s Lisa, with her strong talents, kills it as a girl crush idol! Onstage, she becomes a performer with a stage persona that is incredibly intimidating, and she does justice to BLACKPINK’s girl crush concept!


11) EXID’s LE

EXID‘s LE dominates the stage with her rap verses, and when she’s performing, she gives off serious girl crush vibes!


12) CLC’s Yeeun

CLC‘s Yeeun is full of charm and talent, but her charisma gets taken up a notch when she’s performing, and fans are in awe of her wide-ranging charms, including but not limited to her unbelievably cool girl crush vibe!


13) LOONA’s Kim Lip

LOONA‘s Kim Lip is in charge of the girl crush concept in her group, and she fits the concept so well! With her talents and visuals, she creates her own vibe of girl crush!


12) MAMAMOO’s Hwasa

MAMAMOO‘s Hwasa is a badas* queen! She’s incredibly talented, and is also notable for IDGAF attitude, doing whatever she wants, whenever she pleases!


13) TWICE’s Jeongyeon

TWICE‘s Jeongyeon doesn’t fit her girl crush vibe into one definition; she plays with it to showcase all her different sides that can still very much be filed under the girl crush category!


14) (G)I-DLE’s Soojin

(G)I-DLE’s Soojin is an absolute force on stage! When she performs, all eyes are on her because of the sheer amount of force and power she exudes, and you can’t help but admire what a talented performer she is!


15) MAMAMOO’s Solar

MAMAMOO’s Solar is another girl crush idol who does things her way! She’s super talented and intense, and when you see her on stage, you feel her impact at full force!


16) Chungha

Chungha is a perfect example of a girl crush idol! She’s super talented with all the right facial expressions on stage, and absolutely slays with her strong charisma and appeal!

Source: Reddit