10+ Flirty Moments Of BTS’s Jimin Winking At You And Making You Blush Like A Tomato

Jimin says he can’t wink — but these moments prove him wrong.

BTS‘s Jimin is a man of many talents. Obviously, as a part of the worldwide famous group BTS, Jimin shows off his vocal prowess by singing — and he does so with grace.

Jimin can also dance powerfully and fluidly. When you watch him dance, it’s like seeing the purest art in motion.

And of course, Jimin’s aegyo powers are no joke. His eye smile alone is enough to steal the hearts of millions of ARMYs worldwide.

With all of his overwhelming talents, you’d start to ask: is there anything that Jimin can’t do?

Well, according to him, he can’t wink.

He says that he unintentionally closes both of his eyes when he winks, so he really can’t do it.

But these 10+ moments of him flirtatiously winking prove him wrong. Want to watch yourself blush like a tomato while virtually “flirting” with Jimin? Check out this list today.

1. Pouty wink with his cute pink hair to upgrade the aegyo level

2. “Come here” wink, with nose scrunch to raise the heat in the room

3. Wink + lip bite = dangerous combination

4. Shy glance with lip bite and wait for it…a wink

5. This swag pose during a photoshoot

6. The duality in this moment

7. Sneak wink attack

8. This is the fluffy content that ARMYs signed up for

9. Fetus Jimin with a deadly charm

10. Boy-next-door wink

11. A sweet lollipop wink

12. Final challenge: did you blush?

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