10 Foreign Celebrities Who Were Spotted With BT21 Merch

International celebrities have shown their love for BT21 with headbands, hoodies, and more.

K-Pop idols like BIGBANG‘s T.O.P and ATEEZ‘s Wooyoung aren’t the only celebrities who have been spotted with BT21 merch. Numerous famous international stars have rocked the line too.


1. Rosalía (Spanish singer)

The singer wore BT21 Tata socks in one of her recent social media updates. Unfortunately, fans later discovered the socks were a gift, and Rosalía had no idea they were BTS-related.

2. Jimmy Fallon (US TV host)

Certified ARMY Jimmy Fallon has been spotted rocking his BT21 Chimmy hoodie to show support for BTS on more than one occasion.

3. Ariana Grande (US singer)

Two lucky Ariana Grande fans who got to meet her on her Sweetener World Tour asked her to wear BT21 headbands—Cooky and Koya specifically. After the fan let Ariana wear the Koya headband, Ariana told her she planned on buying her own Jungkook BT21 merch in the future.

4. Halsey (US singer)

Everyone knows “Boy With Luv” collaborator Halsey is a big fan and friend of BTS, so it’s no surprise she’s been spotted wearing a BT21 Koya hooded throw and using BT21 Chimmy hand cream.

5. Aubrey Miller (US actress)

Actress Aubrey Miller from Just Add Magic is a major BTS fangirl. Back in 2018, she uploaded a whole BT21 haul to her YouTube channel.

6. Luke Holland (US YouTuber)

Drummer Luke Holland, who is famous for his YouTube videos, once posted a photo of himself with an adorable BT21 Chimmy doll.

He also stopped by a BT21 store in Taiwan and mentioned how much he’d love to collab with Jungkook.

7. Anthony Mackie (US actor)

When an ARMY asked Anthony Mackie, who plays Falcon in the Marvel movies, to wear a BT21 Tata headband, he was happy to comply.


8. Djibril Cissé (French soccer player)

French soccer player Djibril Cissé has a daughter who can’t get enough of BTS. And, like a great dad, he supports her love by buying her plenty of BT21 merch.

After he posted a photo of himself posing by a BTS standee, many ARMYs have speculated that Cissé is becoming a fan himself.

9. Arci Muñoz (Filipino singer and actress)

Arci Muñoz is more than just a casual BTS fan.

Not only does this hardcore ARMY have an enviable amount of BT21 merch, she even got a tattoo of the “Love Yourself” artwork.

10. Gérard Collard (French columnist)

BT21 has reached every corner of the world—even French television. One eagle-eyed French ARMY spotted columnist Gérard Collard wearing a BT21 Chimmy shirt from UNIQLO.