10 Foreign K-Pop Idols Who Are A Center Or Visual Member In Their Group

These ten idols are gorgeous!

K-Pop groups have seen a steady increase in the number of idols debuting who are not Korean over the last few years. There have been 30+ foreign K-Pop idols who have debuted in the last year alone.

(From left to right) LE SSERAFIM’s Yunjin (Korean American), Chaewon, Sakura (Japanese), Eunchae, and Kazuha (Japanese | @le_sserafim/Twitter

In K-Pop groups, there are many unique roles the members play. Positions such as a visual member, a center member, and the face of the group are now often given to more than one member of an idol group. These roles can also change with promotions or when a member leaves a group.

These ten gorgeous foreign K-Pop idols are considered one of their respective groups’ visual or center members.

1. Everglow’s Yiren

| Weibo/Kpopping

Everglow‘s Yiren was born in Hangzhou, China. Before debuting with the group, Yiren was a contestant on the idol survival show, Produce48. On the show, she was voted the number one visual center member.

In Everglow, Yiren is a visual member, center member, and face of the group, as well as the group’s maknae.

2. LE SSERAFIM’s Sakura

LE SSERAFIM‘s Sakura was also a contestant on Produce48 and was the show’s first center contestant. While Sakura was in IZ*ONE, she was one of the group’s visual members.

Sakura was born in Japan, where she had a successful idol career as a member of HKT48 and AKB48.

3. Kep1er’s Xiaoting

| @official_kep1er/Instagram

Kep1er‘s Xiaoting is from Chengdu, China, and debuted in the group through the Mnet survival program, Girls Planet 999.

Xiaoting is considered one of the visual members of Kep1er.

4. NCT U/WayV’s Ten

| @tenlee_1001/Instagram

Ten is from Thailand and is a member of NCT U, SuperM, and NCT‘s sub-unit WayV, which focuses its promotions in China.

Ten is the center member of WayV.


| Kpopping

PURPLE KISS‘s Yuki is from Japan and is the main rapper, lead dancer, and vocalist in the group. Many fans consider Yuki to be a visual member of the group.

6. PRISTIN’s Kyulkyung

| @zhou_jieqiong1216/Instagram

PRISTIN‘s Kyulkyung (also known as Jieqiong) was the main dancer, vocalist, visual member, and face of the group. She was also a member of I.O.I, where she was also a visual member.

After PRISTIN disbanded in 2019, Kyulkyung returned to China to promote as a solo artist and an actress.

7. aespa’s NingNing

| @aespa_official/Twitter

Before debuting with aespa, NingNing gained attention for her visuals a member of SM Entertainment‘s trainee group SM Rookies. NingNing is from China and participated in a few singing competition shows in her home country before being scouted by SM Entertainment.

NingNing is the main vocalist and maknae of aespa. Many fans consider her a visual member as well.

8. (G)I-DLE’s Shuhua

| @yeh.shaa_/Instagram

(G)I-DLE‘s Shuhua is from Taiwan and is the sub-vocalist, maknae, and visual of (G)I-DLE.

9. GOT7’s Mark

| @marktuan/Instagram

GOT7‘s Mark is a vocalist and lead rapper in the group, and a visual member. He is American and was born in Los Angeles, California. Mark is of Taiwanese descent.

10. TWICE’s Tzuyu

| @thinkaboutzu/Instagram

TWICE‘s Tzuyu is from Taiwan and is the lead dancer, sub vocalist, maknae, and visual in the group.

Source: TikTok and KProfiles