10 Fun K-Pop Idol Group Greetings That Are Unforgettable And Catchy AF

Try at home to feel like a K-Pop star too!

K-Pop idol groups all have a unique way of introducing themselves, with a pre-arranged phrase and often a choreographed movement. Some make it short and simple, while some make it long and loud. Either way, this “K-Pop Style Greeting” not only helps the groups showcase their group color quickly, but also allows light K-Pop fans to easily identify and remember the different groups. Here are the 10 catchiest K-Pop idol group greetings that fans from all over the world know and love.


1. BTS

Bang! Tan! Hello, we are BTS.

BTS members use the first two syllables of their Korean group name, “Bangtan” – which by itself means bulletproof, to get the attention they need before introducing themselves. There is a slightly rhythm to their greeting, with RM shouting “Bang” first, then the rest of the members following up with “Tan”.



One in a million! Hello, we are TWICE.

TWICE members point out that they are special and unlike any other girl groups in the K-Pop scene by introducing themselves as one in a million. They hold up their index fingers to visualize the “one” in “one in a million”, and it has become iconic for TWICE who did become #1 in the industry for their unrivaled success.


3. Red Velvet

Happiness! Hello, we are Red Velvet.

Red Velvet draw a smiley in the air with their hands as they introduce themselves with this catchy phrase. By adding a simple word “Happiness” to the beginning of their greeting, Red Velvet set their group tone and identity as positive, energetic, and happy.



Say the name! SEVENTEEN! Hello, we are SEVENTEEN.

SEVENTEEN‘s S.Coups will lead the rest of the group by asking them to “Say the name.” The remaining members shout “SEVENTEEN” – making sure everyone heard and knows the group name. By emphasizing the group name twice within the greeting, SEVENTEEN members were able to quickly get their group name known.


5. GOT7

Come and get it! GOT7! Hello, we are GOT7.

GOT7‘s greeting has a bit of word play going on. Using the “GOT” part from their name wisely, GOT7 members ask the fans to “Come and get it.” Their fandom name, IGOT7s – often used as Ahgases, also adds on to this word play!



I say (Harmonizing) MAMA, MAMA, MOO. Hello, we are MAMAMOO.

MAMAMOO will make sure everyone knows they are a talented vocalizing group from the very beginning. They boast their harmonizing skills by singing their group name, before finally introducing themselves with a cute gesture – of putting their index fingers under their noses – that has followed them since their debut track, “Mr. Ambiguous”.



Who! MONSTA X! Hello, we are MONSTA X.

MONSTA X members will stomp their feet right before they start their greetings. This gives the introduction a very strong and powerful vibe. Like so, MONSTA X have been pursuing a strong and powerful concept since debut. Their introduction fits their past concepts very well and have struck the fans as quite impactful and easy to remember.



All in us! Hello, we are ITZY.

For a rookie girl group, ITZY members have a complex gesture to accompany their greeting. They create a “Z” with their fingers, which link to their group name and their fandom name. ITZY’s introduction also contain an ambitious underlying meaning – of wanting to be a successful idol that has all kinds of talents and visuals in the group.



Show Time, NU’EST Time! Hello, we are Urban Electro Band NU’EST.

NU’EST members point to their wrist, as they courteously remind you that every hour is NU’EST hour. Fans have found this gesture to be memorable and unique enough to make them stand out from the rest. NU’EST also forwardly point out that they are an urban electronic band – which is rather specific, but at the same time clearly sharing with the fans of what the group’s goals and focuses are.



Best We THE BOYZ! Hello, we are THE BOYZ.

THE BOYZ also have a cool hand motion to go with their introductions. Look how in sync they look, as they say their simple but memorable greetings! THE BOYZ, with a Z, also use their hands to help the fans visualize their group name. And thanks to that, the group’s name will probably never be spelled wrong!

Source: Nate Pann