10+ Funniest Awkward Moments Of MAMAMOO’s Solar Which Make You Realize She’s Only Human, Too

From breaking things to awkward encounters with famous groups like BTS, Solar is the awkward girl in every one of us.

MooMoos around the world are thankful for MAMAMOO because of three things.

One, they have been blessed with amazing music and unique performances from MAMAMOO.

Two, fans appreciate the group’s efforts in bringing something new to the table every time they have a comeback.

And three, they love MAMAMOO‘s Solar because she’s relatable AF, especially during her most embarrassing moments caught on camera!

Here are 10+ funniest moments of Solar to tickle your funny bone today.

1. Remember when Solar forgot her cue?

Notice how her members tried to hide their surprise when they noticed she wasn’t there. Moonbyul even called her to come back!

2. That time Solar almost broke their prop during filming

Hey, she was only trying to do her job! It’s not her fault the prop refused to cooperate.

3. Or the merchandise they’re selling

If you look hard enough, you can almost see Hwasa wondering if Solar is really the oldest member of their group.

4. When she was visibly freaking out about entering the haunted house

Hearing Hwasa’s heart-stopping screams didn’t do well in convincing her that entering the haunted house was a good idea.

5. No one wanted to dance with her

And still, she resolved to continue dancing until the end!

6. That time MAMAMOO’s own staff couldn’t resist but to correct her

Hey, every one can make the same mistake, right?

7. When you badly want the teacher to call on you

It’s embarrassing, yes, but at least other guests were impressed with how high her voice could go?

8. Remember when V passed in front of her and she couldn’t believe it?

Look at her eyes panic because she failed to greet BTS‘s (their senior group) out of respect.

9. Or when Jimin didn’t notice her greeting so she was accidentally ignored?

At least her friends were there to laugh at/with her cute mistake.

10. When she couldn’t help but reveal her true expression…

…and it was caught on camera!

11. That time she cringed at her own dancing

She struggled to keep a straight and sexy face, but the awkwardness was too much to handle.

12. When she was confident in her own juice box-poking abilities

She tried hard, and that’s all that matters, don’t you think?