Here Are 10 Game-Changer Comebacks That Helped Their Artists Breakthrough To Success

They were instrumental in their success!

There are so many amazing K-Pop groups that its hard for fans to keep track of, and sometimes groups disband and disappear off our radar. There are, however, some groups who manage to hit it big, and its usually credited to one song or dance of theirs that went viral! Here are 10 game changer comebacks that did wonders for their idols!

1. “Bboom Bboom”- Momoland

“Bboom Bboom” was released in January 2018 as the title track of Momoland‘s third mini album titled Great!. The song proved to be a sleeper hit, and rose up the ranks of the Gaon Digital Chart almost  two months after it was initially released. This song helped Momoland breakthrough into mainstream success, with their subsequent comebacks proving to be successful as well!


2. “Up and Down”- EXID

“Up and Down” was released by EXID in 2014 as a digital single. Initially charting poorly, the song shot up on charts and gained tremendous favor with the general public after a fancam of Hani dancing the choreography during a performance went viral. This led to the group re-promoting the song on music shows, and has got them significant popularity since then!


3. “Growl”- EXO

“Growl” is a song released by EXO as the title track to their repackaged album, XOXO in 2013. The song is considered to be EXO’s breakthrough song, having sold over 2 million copies, and also won them first place on music shows 14 times!


4. “Cheer Up”- TWICE

“Cheer Up” was released by TWICE as the title track of their second mini album Page Two. The song helped TWICE breakthrough into commercial success, and went viral for many factors, such as its MV that went viral on Youtube soon after it was uploaded, as well as Sana‘s iconic “Shy shy shy” line became a viral meme, with many celebrities imitating it! The song also won TWICE many awards that year, particularly “Song Of The Year” at both 2016 MMA and 2016 MAMA!


5. “Ice Cream Cake”- Red Velvet

“Ice Cream Cake” was released in 2015 as the title track of Red Velvet‘s first mini album of the same name. This comeback marked the debut of Yeri, and helped them win heir first number 1 win at music shows. It also charted high, and became the best selling album of a girl group for the first half of 2015 on the Hanteo Chart! Red Velvet as a group steadily grew from there, continuously adding to their discography and expertise as a top girl group!


6. “Gee”- Girls’ Generation

“Gee” is a single released by Girls’ Generation in 2009, and was released as the tile track of their first mini album of the same name. The song became an instant hit with its catchy lyrics and cute choreography, and spent a record-breaking 9 consecutive weeks on the top spot of KBS‘s Music Bank! Thus began Girls’ Generation’s long legacy as a top girl group, as they delivered hit single after hit single every time!


7. “I NEED U”- BTS

“I NEED U” was released by BTS in 2016 as the title track of their third mini album, The Most Beautiful Moment In Life, Pt.1. The song charted high upon its release, and became the group’s first top 5 hit in Korea. It also won the group their first music show win, and subsequent successful comebacks after it has helped BTS cement themselves as a top K-Pop group in the industry!


8. “Sorry Sorry”- Super Junior

“Sorry Sorry” is a song released by Super Junior in 2009 as the title track of their third full album of the same name. The song was an instant success, and laid the groundwork for Super Junior’s indispensable legacy. This song has remained one of the most iconic K-Pop songs throughout the years, and even 10 years after its release, is still covered regularly by many idol groups!


9. “Tell Me”- Wonder Girls

“Tell Me” was released by Wonder Girls in 2007 as the third single of their debut album The Wonder Years. The song’s simple choreography and catchy lyrics were widely imitated and loved, especially Sohee‘s iconic “Omona!” expression, which earned her the title of “The Nation’s Little Sister”. Even now, almost 13 years later, the song is considered to be a K-Pop classic, and has been covered by many idols throughout the years!


10. “Good Day”- IU

“Good Day” is a song released by IU in 2010 as the title track of her third mini album Real. The song is considered to be IU’s breakthrough single, as it topped various charts and snagged many music show wins, and the 3 note octave in the song also trended on many variety shows!

Source: Reddit