10 Gestures To Help You Communicate Using Body Language In Korea

If you don’t know how to say it, now you can show it!

Korean YouTuber Rachel Kim shared how to communicate using body language in Korea. Some of it is common knowledge among K-Pop fans (finger hearts, anyone?) but other gestures might be surprising!

1. Pinky promise

When doing a pinky promise in Korea, you have to end it with a “stamp” action.

Some people also go a step further by having the other party do a “copy and sign” with them, which is demonstrated below.

2. “Wanna drink?”

This gesture expresses that you want to go out for a drink and are inviting the person you’re gesturing to out with you.

3. “Come here.”

This gesture is slightly different than it’s American counterpart, with the hand pointing downward rather than up.

4. “Bring it on!”

When you gesture with your hand pointing up, as mentioned above, you come across as being a bit confrontational, as though you’re saying, “bring it on!”

5. “Go away!”

Very similar to “come here”, you have to be careful about how you’re gesturing as you might send the wrong message to the person you’re gesticulating to!

6. Peace

This is also known as the “kimchi pose” because the word kimchi makes you smile when you say it!

7. Money pose

The money pose is very similar to the American “OK” sign. If you’re talking about money, you can throw this sign up.

8. Heart pose

Heart pose is a way of showing someone you love them. It’s also very, very cute.

9. Finger heart

Like the big heart pose, the finger heart is an ultra-cute way of saying “I love you” without words.

10. Love bullets

Do you know of Cupid? Now, imagine he had a gun. Okay, good. That’s what love bullets are.

Let’s take what Rachel taught us out into the wild and call our friends over to go out for a drink while they make a pinky promise to love us forever! 😂