10+ GIFs of BTS Jin You’ll Relate To If You’re Extra AF

Jin is the king of being extra af!

BTS‘s Jin is handsome and he knows it, he’s king of the dad jokes, and he’s just plain extra! From funny faces to over-the-top dance moves, Jin truly has become the master at being extra!


1.  Eat Jin!

Jin loves to eat and ARMYs love to watch Jin eating!


And it’s the perfect time to show some of his low-key extraness!


Or go into full-out extra mode!


But that’s why we love Jin!


2. House of ARMY

For anyone that has ever seen House of ARMY, you’ll know that the whole thing is pure gold.


But there was one person who constantly changed roles and was perfect in each one!


Who else could pull off being a banana and still look that good?


3. Grasshopper malfunction

Remember when Jin was on Law of the Jungle and Cosmic GirlsCheng Xiao gave Jin some food?


And then she had an even better surprise for him!


Which he absolutely hated!


4. Big surprise

Or how about the time on Ellen when he was practicing his surprised face…


Only to be seriously surprised by the fans!


5.  Blowing kisses

And what else is Jin great at?


Blowing kisses of course!


He always seems to take them to the next level.


6. Dance break

Jin’s also got some amazing dancing skills…


And we love them!


7. Crazy flexible

Jin is also ridiculously flexible.


And knows how to use it to his advantage!


9. Warm-up

Then we have the eleventh episode of BTS Run! While each of the boys was trying to woo Min Yoonji, we had this piece of gold when it was Jin’s turn to try to impress her.


10. Late Show shenanigans

Then we have the time when Jin played Flinch on The Late Show With James Corden.


Despite his optimism, it wasn’t long before he flinched.


Big time!


11. And everything in between

Then there are the times that Jin is just so extra just because. Like the time he decided to wear four pairs of sunglasses.


Or he thought the interviewers were calling him “worldwide handsome.”


And showing he was really cold.


While also rapping like Jay-Z!


But at least he’s never afraid to be himself!