10+ Gifs Of BTS Literally Being “Squad Goals”

This is heartwarming, as well as hilarious.

BTS have been together for quite some time now and are practically family at this point. The members have shown their bond in multiple ways. Here are 10 gifs of the BTS members displaying their relationship and being “squad goals”.

1. Being a chaotic mess

2. Smothering Suga with love

In the 2017 Melon Music Awards, Suga won the award for “Hot Trend”. This caused BTS to shower him with some love.

They also comedically acted as his bodyguards and sent him off.

3. RM’s biggest supporters

4. Sharing a laugh

5. This sequence

This “celebration” eventually grew in number, and nearly all the members were involved.

J-Hope also didn’t seem to appreciate that Jimin would never do it when he initiated it.

Suga also came at the wrong moment and was savagely ignored.

6. Jimin supporting Suga during a basketball game

7. This entrance

8. Just having fun

9. Getting playful

Some of the BTS members start getting a little playful, and it begins with Suga.

RM is quick to get the hint and goes into the water himself.

10. Their love and appreciation for each other