10+ Gifs Of The BTS Members Regretting Their Life Decisions

2 certain members seem to have the worst of luck.

ARMYs have gotten many good laughs over the years due to the BTS members and their playful personalities.

There have also been numerous moments when the BTS members had some of the worst luck and looked like they were contemplating their life decisions. Here are a few gifs of the BTS members immediately regretting their decisions.

1. Jungkook getting babied

Jungkook decided to be a little playful and chose to look away from Jin‘s camera.

This didn’t end well for Jungkook, as Jin started to baby him.

The other hyungs joined the fun, and they all had a blast teasing Jungkook.

2. Jimin eating dog food

3. V drinking garlic juice in only one shot

4. RM doing aegyo

RM is seen diligently preparing to show off his aegyo.

After showing his aegyo, RM showed some immediate cringe and regrets with his decision.

5. Jimin ruining his hair

6. Jungkook probably regretting falling asleep

V and Jimin decided to get a little playful seeing all the members sleeping, but Jungkook seemed to get the worst of it.

This treatment continued, as Jungkook’s peaceful sleep constantly got disturbed.

7. Jimin cringing at his past self

Jimin couldn’t handle looking at the screen because he was so embarrassed.

8. Jungkook having to eat hot ramyun in a sauna

Other people were also shocked by Jungkook.

9. Jimin falling from his chair

10. Suga picking a bad spot to sit