10+ Gifs Of BTS’s Jimin Showing His Kind And Angelic Personality

Some of these may produce tears.

BTS‘s Jimin has quite the angelic personality, where the BTS members always praise Jimin for his kindness.

Here are 14 moments where Jimin showed his incredibly kind and sincere personality.

1. Giving some confidence

2. Comforting J-Hope

3. Putting a smile on Jungkook’s face

4. Complimenting V

5. Prioritizing his members

6. Telling Jungkook that it’s okay

7. Bringing food for Suga

8. Giving a big hug to an emotional V

9. Worrying about RM

10. Just loving Suga

11. Cheering for everyone

12. Helping an emotional Suga

13. Taking care of Jungkook

14. Just being soft with animals