Here Are 10+ Gifs Of BTS’s Jimin Being A Total Goofball And Accidentally Hurting Himself

Even the floor can’t resist Jimin.

While BTS‘s Jimin might be known as a great performer, he also has moments where he can quite clumsy.

A YouTube channel by the name of “Squishy Min Yoongi” compiled some clumsy moments that Jimin has had, so here are 10+ gifs of Jimin being a total goofball and clumsily hurting himself.

1. Jimin underestimating his height

2. Jimin overestimating his strength

3. Jimin can’t jump rope?

4. Jimin loves his members too much?

5. The kick

6. Jimin getting too excited

7. The flexibility

8. Jimin hurting himself on something

9. This sequence

10. The bow

11. Jimin dancing hard

12. Near stumble

Here is the full video below!