10+ Gifs Of BTS’s RM Destroying Things And Living Up To His Nickname Of “God Of Destruction”

Most of these are hilarious, some of them are quite sad.

The members of BTS sure do love teasing RM about his clumsiness and how easily he can destroy things.

RM even has a couple of nicknames due to this, such as “God of Destruction”. Here are 10+ gifs where RM truly lived up to this name, and why some of his members worry about him.

1. Ripping Jungkook’s shirt

2. Breaking the stage

3. Is RM too powerful?

4. A little too passionate

5. Breaking his sign

6. Nearly breaking V’s microphone

7. J-Hope’s not surprised

8. Breaking his glasses

9. RM being surprised at himself

10. Ripping a page before the game even begins

11. RM’s touch

12. RM getting a scolding from the other members

13. Water disaster

14. Breaking the “Stop” sign