Here Are 10 Gifs Of BTS’s Suga Being A Sweetheart And Showing His Kind Personality

Numbers 1 and 7 could make you emotional.

BTS‘s Suga can sometimes look intimidating due to his fierce image on stage and his sometimes cold expressions. 

Suga is a very kind person, but he just doesn’t express it in an obvious way. A YouTube channel by the name of “Kpop Min” compiled some moments of Suga showing his personality. Here are 10 Gifs of Suga showing his kind personality, which may touch your hearts.

1. Comforting a crying grandmother

2. Praising Jimin’s vocals

3. Worrying about Jungkook

4. Buying ice cream for the members

5. Suga giving V a simple text message

6. Not liking the teasing of Jungkook

7. Giving a hug to a grandmother

8. Letting V know to get on camera

9. Giving his card to Jimin

10. Small actions can always go a long way

Here is the full video below!