Here Are 10+ Gifs Of GOT7 Just Savagely Roasting Park Jin Young

How many artists can just diss the head of their company?

GOT7 has shown their playful personalities on many occasions, where they diss each other all the time.

They also aren’t afraid to diss Park Jin Young (JYP), the head of JYP Entertainment. A YouTube channel by the name of “Just whatever infires man” compiled some moments of GOT7 savagely dissing Park Jin Young, here are a few of those moments.

1. Park Jin Young being biased

GOT7 reveals that Park Jin Young can be quite biased towards female artists.

Park Jin Young initially tries to dismiss this rumor as a false one.

Turns out GOT7 have a clear memory of this event occurring, this is how Park Jin Young greeted GOT7.

Then Suzy came, and Park Jin Young was delighted to greet her.

2. Dissing his age

3. BamBam’s drawing of Park Jin Young

4. Jackson has Youngjae’s back

Park Jin Young had some initial criticisms of Youngjae‘s singing.

Park Jin Young then did a little vocal performance himself, but Jackson was quick to comment.

5. JB telling the truth

6. Taking out their frustration

JB was a bit upset that none of his songs got approved by Park Jin Young, so Youngjae had an idea. He just wanted JB to imagine the bowling pins as Park Jin Young.

Turns out, JB got a little happy once Youngjae got a strike.

7. Dissing his age (Part 2)

8. JB’s subtle diss

JB was proud to announce that he wrote the song “You Are”, which was the title track at the time.

JB threw a little playful diss towards Park Jin Young as well.

9. Same names

10. Jackson’s imitation

Here is the full video below!