10+ Gifs Of K-Pop Idols Throwing Shade At Their Companies

Some of these comments are just upsetting.

While there are plenty of things that K-Pop idols are appreciative of their companies for, there are also plenty of things that companies should be criticized for. Some K-Pop idols are afraid to publicly criticize their companies because of the consequences it could cause. Sometimes mistreatment from companies can go too far, and idols start publicly confessing their disappointments with their respective companies. Here are 10 moments where idols pubicly threw shade at their companies.

1. Suho (EXO) & SM Entertainment

Suho initially speaks on how their past music videos were of higher quality, but their newer ones are more “simple”.

There have been other changes made to Suho’s lifestyle from SM Entertainment.

2. Jisoo and Jennie (BLACKPINK) & YG Entertainment

3. Zico & Stardom Entertainment

4. Heechul (Super Junior) & SM Entertainment

Heechul initially criticizes the mindest of SM Entertainment, how they’ll only cast people from their own company.

Heechul has his doubts on the success of this mindest.

5. Bobby (iKON) & YG Entertainment

Bobby initially talks about the many restrictions placed on him by YG Entertainment.

Dating is also prohibited, to the point where he can’t even meet female labelmates.

Bobby feels that this treatment is a little too much for someone his age.

6. Taeyeon (Girls’ Generation) & SM Entertainment

7. RM (BTS) & Big Hit Entertainment

Source: Jung Hyun Ran/YouTube 

8. B.A.P & TS Entertainment

B.A.P eventually start giving subtle hints about some of their frustrations with their company.

9. Noeul (Rainbow) & DSP Media

10. Jennie (BLACKPINK) & YG Entertainment