10+ Gifs That Prove BTS’s Suga Is Actually A Dancing King

Multi-talented king!

While all members of BTS are talented as a K-Pop idol group, they are often grouped in areas of expertise such as the rap line, vocal line, dance line, etc. What some people might not know is that Suga is actually an amazing and also greatly underrated dancer. He even used to b-boy before being involved in a car accident.

His determination and effort to be the best he can be is truly appreciated by fans all over the world, considering he joined the group thinking it would be more of a hip-hope style group with not much dancing involved. Let’s take a look at some of Suga’s moves!

1. Power and precision

2. Charisma at its finest

3. Take a closer look at his moves from 2014

4. He even likes to have a little fun while dancing too

5. Synchronization king

6. Major credit to Suga for all his hard work

7. Soulful moves

8. Can you say swag?

9. Truly a talented king

10. 2020 and he’s still killing it

11. Much love to our Min PD nim

What do you think of Suga’s dancing?