10 Gifs That Prove Super Junior’s Heechul Has No Filter And Is A True Savage

How many celebrities can get away with these comments?

Super Junior‘s Heechul is known as quite the savage on variety programs, where it seems that he can seemingly diss anyone.

Heechul has shown that he truly has no filter and is willing to savagely diss any celebrity. Here are 10 gifs that show Heechul is truly the king of savageness and roasting others.

1. Bringing up Seo Jang Hoon’s divorce

2. Kang Ho Dong is no match for Yoo Jae Suk

3. Jeon So Min losing her mind

4. Double diss

5. Bringing up Yoona’s past

6. Saying Kang Ho Dong made the wrong decision

7. Dissing Gain’s hair

8. Concerned about Jeon So Min

9. Subtly referencing Yuri’s past relationship

10. Trying to get TWICE in trouble

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