10+ GIFs Prove Why Everyone Is Making A Fuss Over Naeun’s Legs

Her legs are too hot to ignore!

At Apink’s PINK PARTY concert, Naeun showed off her long, slender legs in a sparkling, white bodysuit.


Naeun stands 168cm (5 ft 6 inches) tall but her legs make her seem like a supermodel!


Length isn’t the only reason why fans find her legs irresistible. The secret is how she moves them! Naeun’s sexy dancing leaves everyone breathless!


Naeun rocked a tie and blazer at the Busan One Asia Festival.


Her short-shorts and high heels brought even more focus to her eye-catching legs.


Naeun stopped hearts when she performed at Lotte Duty Free Family Festival, in shorts and a crop-top.


Every sexy strut showed off her legs’ strength and tone!


See Naeun’s legs seduce fans in this sizzling PINK PARTY performance!

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