10+ GIFs That Prove Girls’ Generation’s Yoona’s Beauty Is Out Of This World

How is she so gorgeous?!

Girls’ Generation‘s Yoona is perfect in all ways, personality, talent, charm, and of course beauty! As Girls’ Generation’s main visual, Yoona has never failed to shock the world with her unbelievable beauty! No matter how many years pass since her debut, Yoona’s beauty is truly timeless!

Here are 10+ gifs that prove Yoona’s beauty is out of this world!

1. Yoona is fierce in red!

Yoona on the 2019 Buil Film Award’s red carpet was something truly eye-catching! With her gorgeous red dress and sweet smile

2. “Lil’ Touch”

While Yoona’s style is more on the cute side, she can easily turn into a baddie in seconds! Just check out her powerful visuals in Girls’ Generation-Oh!GG’s “Lil’ Touch” music video.

| SMTOWN/YouTube

3. She’s an actual fairy

Wearing that flower crown, one might have thought they saw a real fairy, but it’s actually just the gorgeous Yoona! This gif comes from her hit drama Love Rain where she was stunning from start to finish!

| KBS2

4. She is just so elegant!

Yoona just screams elegance and class! With her wispy bangs and incredible visuals, it’s seriously hard to take your eyes off her!

5. Never forget Yoona’s iconic aegyo

We all know that aegyo has been a huge thing in K-pop and while it’s been done several times by several idols, no one does it quite as good as Yoona!


Yes, Yoona looks amazing in literally anything and everything…but blonde Yoona! She’s absolutely stunning!

7. Did I mention how classy Yoona is?

Everything Yoona does is classy, elegant, and graceful! She makes everything look soo lovely!

  8. Yoona in a dark concept!

Yoona is definitely everyone’s crush when she wears all black and looks like a total bad a**. Never forget how captivating Yoona was in Girls’ Generation’s “You Think” music video!

9. Yoona is simply lovely with short hair

As I said, she looks amazing in anything and everything! That includes a short hairstyle!

10. She can pull off anything

Yoona sported a unique short hairstyle in her most recent drama “Hush.” While many wouldn’t even think to get an uncommon haircut like this, Yoona definitely rocked that look!


11. Tatted-up Yoona

It’s hard to visualize the naturally cute Yoona with some tattoos, however, Yoona proved she looks amazing with them when she showed off several fake tattoos!

| BoA/YouTube 

12. No matter what time period she’s in, she’s undeniably beautiful!

For her historical drama The King in Love, Yoona showed off her natural visuals!

13. Yoona leaves everyone speechless

There are no words to describe her beauty! Yoona is just…beautiful!

14. Yoona is even gorgeous when she’s snacking!

In her latest vlog from her YouTube channel, Yoona is seen munching on some snacks and honestly, she looks like she’s in snack CF!

| Yoona’s So Wonderful Day/YouTube

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