10 Gifs Proving That BTS’s Synchronization Is Truly Next Level

Dancing isn’t the only thing they’re synchronized in.

BTS are truly phenomenal dancers and have been praised numerous times for their great dancing skills. One aspect they’re known for is their great synchronization.

Yet, dancing isn’t the only thing that BTS are synchronized in. The members have demonstrated that their synchronization happens without them even trying. Here are 10 gifs of BTS’s insane synchronization.

1. Jin & RM being tired

The exhaustion must have hit them at the same time.

2. Drinking their water

They’re even synchronized when drinking water.

3. Even during more comedic moments

The members are synchronized even when they’re being more playful.

4. Can’t even see Jungkook

V and Jungkook were so synchronized that you couldn’t see Jungkook from certain camera angles.

5. The cute walk

The way these two cutely walk together.

6. Adjusting their belts

This is kind of ridiculous.

7. All together

The members all in unison.

8. Adjusting their glasses

Best friends showing their synchronization.

9. Just how?

How did they know?

10. Adjusting their seats

Their synchronization truly shows here, first it was J-Hope and Jimin adjusting their seats, then RM and Suga, and it concludes with Jin and V. Jungkook was the only member who remained still.

Source: Pann