Here Are 10 Gifs That Show BTS’s Jin And Jungkook Are Like Real Life Brothers

They bicker a lot but love each other.

BTS‘s Jin is the eldest member of the group, and Jungkook is the youngest member of the group.

They also share a close bond with each other and have all the characteristics of true brothers. Here are 10 Gifs of them showing their brotherly relationship.

1. Bickering over the “truth”

2. Caring for each other

3. Chasing each other

4. Doing random things together

Source: Park Chim Chim/YouTube

5. Jungkook “disturbing” Jin

6. Jin bothering Jungkook in his sleep

7. Jungkook having a great time “playing” with Jin

8. Wanting to “fight” each other

9. Lying together

Jin was making a loud noise, so RM came to check on them. Turns out they both lied about hearing a sound.

10. Just bickering with each other

Source: ARMY CRACK/YouTube