10+ GIFs That Show Why (G)I-DLE’s Soojin Dance Lines Are God-Tier

Soojin is a born dancer!

As (G)I-DLE‘s main dancer, Soojin is known for her amazingly suave, sultry yet powerful dance moves, and never fails to impress with her abilities!

| CUBE Entertainment

Here are 10+ moments that prove that Soojin is a born dancer, creating the most gorgeous dance lines you ever did see!

1. Soojin’s really hitting those moves with her signature sexy charm!

2. Soojin’s smooth moves are dominating this stage!

3. Soojin’s body-line makes these dance moves look all the more mesmerizing!

4. She’s hitting us with these lethal moves!

5. No one does “sexy and cool” like Soojin!

6. Her charisma is off the charts!

7. Soojin’s stunning frame makes the moves so natural-looking!

8. She’s so gorgeous on stage!

9. Main dancer talent right there!

10. Queendom gave us so many iconic Soojin moments!

11. Sexy queen!

12. Her dance-lines are magnificent!

(G)I-DLE recently made a comeback with the album I Burn, and title track “HWAA”.

Watch the MV for it here!