10 Gifs Showing Why A BTS Member Should Never Fall Asleep Whenever They’re Near Another Member

This would make anyone go insane.

BTS sure do love pranking each other, where sometimes it could be the most simple prank.

The members also love getting playful whenever somebody falls asleep during recordings. Here are 10 gifs showing why a member of BTS should never fall asleep on broadcast, especially when they’re near another member.

1. Jimin flexing on Jungkook

2. J-Hope playing with Jimin’s skin

3. Extreme close up shot

4. Stretching out J-Hope

5. Jimin giving a performance

6. Squishing Jungkook’s cheeks

7. Taking extremely close up photos

8. Just bothering Jungkook

9. Playing with J-Hope’s hair

10. V and Jimin being a chaotic duo