10+ Gifs Showing That The BTS Members Might Actually Be Afraid Of Suga

Something about Suga just makes the members hesitant.

BTS‘s Suga can look quite cold at times, where he can sometimes give off a serious image.

Even though he’s an extremely kind person, there have also been moments where it seems like the BTS members are low-key afraid of him. Here are 10+ gifs showing moments where the BTS members might have been afraid of Suga.

1. J-Hope not wanting to disturb Suga

J-Hope originally plays with Jimin while he’s trying to sleep.

J-Hope doesn’t attempt to do the same thing to Suga.

2. Jimin wanting some explanations

3. Jin being hesitant

While Jin might be the only member that can control Suga, that doesn’t mean he’s always confident about waking Suga up.

4. V and Jimin going away immediately

V and Jimin were distributing some of the members while they were trying to sleep. They try disturbing Suga but go away immediately after he shows a reaction.

5. Jungkook being hesitant on doing an impersonation

6. J-Hope not wanting to disturb Suga (again)

J-Hope spots Suga and V sleeping, yet he chooses to not disturb Suga.

J-Hope has no problem with disturbing V, however.

7. V chickening out

V was trying to do a mission with the members. He spotted Suga but immediately backed away.

8. Suga solves all problems

9. Spray incident

Jungkook originally spots J-Hope and Suga sleeping. Despite seeing Suga first, he chooses to disturb J-Hope.

However, once more members come together, they have no problem disturbing Suga.