10+ Gifs Showing That BTS’s Jin and RM Are Truly “Eternal Rivals”

RM just doing Jin dirty on Number 5.

While the members of BTS are close like family, Jin and RM have shown off their friendly “rivalry” many times. Jin has even admitted that he considers RM his eternal dance rival.

Here are 10+ gifs of Jin and RM showing off their rivalry.

1. Jin & RM arguing

During a game, Jin couldn’t help but point out that RM made a mistake during the choreography for “DNA”.

This prompted RM to give a savage response to Jin.

2. Jin getting offended

3. Having a dance battle

4. Jin critiquing RM

Jin couldn’t help but give some hilarious critiques once he saw RM’s performance.

Jin then went up to show RM how it’s done.

5. RM doing Jin dirty

Jin showed off his dancing skills by dancing to “DNA” at 2x speed.

While most of the BTS members were impressed, RM had a different reaction.

6. Jin just dissing RM

7. Their pride against each other

8. A dance battle between the two

Jin had a joking response once J-Hope asked him what he hoped RM would improve on.

This led to a hilarious dance battle between the two.

9. Jin just can’t help himself