10 Gifs Showing Moments Where BTS’s RM Might Have Forgotten That He’s Famous

Perhaps RM is a little too comfortable on camera.

BTS‘s RM is known for a lot of his unique characteristics, such as him being quite a goofball.

There are also moments where RM seems to forget that he’s famous, or that he’s on camera. Here are 10 gifs where BTS’s RM might have been a little too comfortable during broadcasts.

1. This comment

2. Is RM getting a little comfortable?

3. Fanboying a little too hard

4. Vocal explosion

5. His confession

RM tries to explain himself, on how it was just an accident.

He ends by making an apology to his father.

6. This meme face

7. Just casually eating

8. This dance sequence

9. This low-key scary look

10. Struggling with his banana