10+ Gifs Showing Moments Where K-Pop Idols Fought Over The Most Hilarious Things

The reasons behind some of these fights are quite ridiculous.

Members of a K-Pop group can get into fights, where it’s quite natural to occasionally fight with people you’re close to. Idols can also get into fights for ridiculous reasons, where it’s quite hilarious knowing some of the things that caused arguments. Here are 9 moments where K-Pop idols fought over the most hilarious things.

1. J-Hope & Jungkook (BTS) arguing over a banana

2. Jinyoung & JB (GOT7) fighting over a mat placement

The two even ended up getting physical, where they started grabbing each other’s neck.

3. Taeyeon & Tiffany (Girls’ Generation)

During a meal, Taeyeon started feeling indigestion.

Taeyeon was in for a shock once Tiffany started making remarks towards her.

Tiffany explained how she sometimes starts feeling indegistion once someone else talks about it.

Taeyeon was shocked, as she was hurt that another member would scold her for being sick.

The two even considered not performing their duet together. Thankfully, their manager got them together and had them resolve their problem.

4. Siwon & Ryeowook (Super Junior) fighting over a high-five

This led to a brief argument between the two, where Ryeowook exploded with confidence.

5. Mark (GOT7) getting angry at Youngjae’s effort

Mark ended up kicking an air-conditioner out of frustration.

6. Heechul & Donghae’s (Super Junior) quick argument

Heechul was originally listening to some music on his speakers when Donghae unexpectedly came and turned it off.

Heechul was confused, so he ended up turning his music on again. Donghae came this time and kicked Heechul’s speakers.

Heechul got angry, but Donghae immediately started getting emotional.

7. Eric & Minwoo (SHINHWA) fighting over underwear

Minwoo got angry, where he was even willing to give Eric‘s underwear back on the spot.

Eric later apologized to Minwoo and even bought him some new underwear.

8. Key & Minho’s (SHINee) argument on cleaning

Minho was the first SHINee member to get recruited by SM Entertainment. Minho knew how strict SM Entertainment was on rules, so he told Key the rules about cleaning after oneself. Key didn’t like being ordered around, so this led to some arguments.

9. Leeteuk & the other Super Junior members

Leeteuk once told the other Super Junior members that they could tease him, where he wanted them to be comfortable with him.

The other members might have taken it too far, as Leeteuk was not having it that day. The other members thought he was joking, so they continued.

Leeteuk ended up pushing Eunhyuk against the wall in rage.