10+ GIFs Of TWICE’s Jihyo That Show She’s A Hidden Gem Among Dancers

Jihyo’s dance lines are always so perfect!

All the members of TWICE are known to be exceptional dancers, and fans love watching their performances because of how well they execute intricate and difficult choreography! Among the members, leader Jihyo is a hidden gem of a dancer, and has started to gain notoriety among fans for her skills in dancing!

Here are 10 GIFs that show off Jihyo’s superior dance lines, because she’s not “God Jihyo” for nothing!

1. Jihyo’s got that fiery gaze down pat!

2. Her form is perfect here!

3. Her visuals, expressions and dance moves in this performance is top-tier!

4. She’s killin’ this move!

5. “I Can’t Stop Me” era Jihyo served so many iconic moments!

6. Blonde Jihyo was legendary!

7. Her lines are flawless!

8. All eyes on God Jihyo!

9. “Fancy” era Jihyo moved so clean!

10. Her energy is always on point while dancing!

11. Jihyo’s chic visuals coupled with her power moves is everything!

12. Look at her hitting those moves right!

13. Queen Jihyo’s got it all!

She’s really such an incredible performer!

TWICE recently released a special track titled “Cry For Me”. Watch their performance at the 2020 MAMA here!