10 Of Girls’ Generation Taeyeon’s Iconic Hair Styles That Had Netizens Rushing To The Salon

Taeyeon can truly pull off any hairstyle.

Over the years, Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon has gone through numerous hair transformations—and somehow, she pulls every one of perfectly. According to Korean news outlet DAILY, these 10 hair styles were so iconic, they had everyone heading to the hairdressers with Taeyeon’s picture in hand.

1. The Shaggy Cut

Since “Gee” is Girls’ Generation’s most unforgettable song, it’s only fitting that Taeyeon had an unforgettable hairstyle to match.

With it’s upturned tips and full bangs, this mid-length shaggy cut had the perfect innocent girl next door vibe.

2. The Wavy Pigtails

After “Gee”, one of Girls’ Generation’s most iconic songs is “Oh!”. Taeyeon’s hair this era was perfectly matched to the sporty theme.

Her pigtails were given a natural-looking thick wave to make them even cuter, while the full bangs and soft brown color brought out her features.

3. The Natural Black

Taeyeon looks gorgeous with dyed hair, but that doesn’t mean she can’t pull off natural black just as well.

The contrast between Taeyeon’s skin tone and her black hair during “Mr. Mr.” era made her visuals shine even brighter.

4. The Pink Ombré

What fits the vibe of “Party” better than fun, pink ombré hair? When paired with the half-up ponytail style, she looked even more like a mermaid.

Not only did the hair color match the summer song perfectly, it fit Taeyeon’s quirky personality too.

5. The Classy Blonde

Many Taeyeon stans consider blonde to be her best hair color, and it’s easy to see why. When she went blonde of the release of Girls’ Generation-TTS’s “Dear Santa”, her elegance hit its peak.

This blonde dye job had a natural gradation to it that everyone wanted to emulate. Combined with the waves, the color made her look like a luxurious Hollywood movie star.

6. The Messy Updo

Taeyeon’s solo song “Why” had a beachy summer vibe to it, as did the messy updo she rocked for promotions.

Her hair looked best when paired with a bandana, which allowed a few stray locks to frame her face perfectly.

7. The Short Cut

The short haircut Taeyeon got for “Rain” era was definitely one for the history books.

What really made it unique was the soft curls. Combined with the ashy tone, Taeyeon looks like an ethereal angel here.

8. The Mermaid Bob

Taeyeon’s first studio album, My Voice, came with an equally impressive mermaid-like bob.

Transitioning ash into emerald, this hair color gave Taeyeon a dreamy look, while the length was the perfect combination between mature and innocent.

9. The Wet Look

“Spark” was one of Taeyeon’s edgiest songs to date, which made her wet look hair in the music video perfectly on-theme.

Sexy and charismatic, this slicked back style was one of her boldest hairstyles to date.

10. The Wavy Orange

Last but not least, the wavy orange hair Taeyeon boasted for “Happy” took everyone to a happier place.

Many people remarked on how bohemian the style was, especially when adorned with flowers. Not everyone can pull off orange, but everyone certainly wanted to after seeing it on Taeyeon.

Source: DAILY

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