10+ Glorious Moments BTS’s Jimin Wore The Sexiest Coats And Blazers That Made ARMYs Question If He’s Really Human

#9 is one of the hottest things he has ever worn while performing.

BTS‘s Jimin‘s fashion game is on point every single time.

It doesn’t matter if he’s wearing a cap as an accessory…

…or if he’s sporting a pair of sunglasses to complete his look.


The fact is, Jimin simply looks good, no matter what he wears, what color his hair is or how he’s styled for their events — that’s how perfect his visual is.

Check out these 10+ pictures of Jimin wearing the sexiest coats and blazers: doesn’t he look like a perfectly sculpted statue because of how handsome he looks like? Look through this list and be the judge yourself. You’re welcome!

1. Blue trench-coat and blond hair

2. Black trench-coat always looks classy on him

3. This blazer just upgraded Jimin’s sexiness to another level

4. Who knew a fluffy sweater can look extremely sexy, too?

5. This stunning blazer completed Jimin’s “Dashing Gentleman” look

6. This, my friends, is how a real-life celebrity really looks like

7. This outfit really enhanced Jimin’s pouty lips and made it the highlight

8. Can you see Jimin’s adorable “shoulder accident” even when he’s wearing a bulky coat?

9. Stylist-nim deserves to be awarded for this look

10. The feel and the length of this coat is obviously meant for Jimin

11. Get you a man who’s not afraid to keep himself warm


12. Sparkly and shimmery — just like Jimin’s eye-smile