Here Are 10+ Glorious Moments Of BTS’s J-Hope Showing Off His Sculpted Arms That Will Make You Thirsty

J-Hope sure puts the “arm” in ARMY.

It’s Thursday today — and you know what this means? It’s the perfect time to appreciate BTS‘s body in celebration of #ThirstyThursday!

In today’s post, we’re going to be revealing 10+ glorious moments of J-Hope‘s arms because they deserve a standalone post of their own. He has amazing, sculpted arms that will make you want to reach out to your screen and touch them.

Before we proceed with the list, please make sure you’re fully hydrated!

1. His arms are so hot, ARMYs can’t handle it 

2. If this didn’t make you stare, you’re lying

3. Even V couldn’t resist touching it

4. Did the stylist just wake up one day and think, “Oh, I know how to make ARMYs crazy today”?

5. How could the cameraman still be alive after this sneaky attack?

6. Hear that? That’s the sound of BTS reacting to Hoseok’s arms

7. Which is sexier: the arms or the facial expression?

8. Smiling while letting ARMYs suffer silently

9. Tip: when looking at J-Hope’s pictures, just lie down on the floor beforehand

10. The amount of audacity in this picture is unbelievable

11. This ARMY doesn’t know where to look at and honestly, same

12. Here’s Suga doing what every ARMY has ever wanted to do:

13. To whoever invented sleeveless shirts, thank you

14. Your contribution to the world is extremely appreciated