10+ Glorious Moments Of BTS’s Jungkook Showing Off His Sharp Jawline And Gorgeous Side Profile

Jungkook’s jawline is proof that the airport does accept sharp objects — as long as they’re packed properly.

When you think of BTS‘s Jungkook, the phrase “golden maknae” comes into mind because he can rap well, sing amazingly and dance excellently.

Aside from his multitude of talents, Jungkook is admired by ARMYs worldwide because of his outstanding visuals. He’s the winner for “The Most Handsome of 2019”, after all.

One of his greatest gifts to mankind is his define side profile. Here are 10+ moments that show when Jungkook’s glorious jawline comes out to play.

If you’re scared of sharp objects, feel free to exit from this article. You’ve been warned. Enjoy!

1. Both sides are equally perfect

Right side…

…or left side? Why choose when you can have both?

2. Hitting high notes and slaying ARMYs everywhere

3. His eyes say “nice” while his jawline says “naughty”

4. The power in this posture

Jungkook: *breathes*
ARMYs: *shook*

5. Can you keep the noise down when your local librarian looks like this?

6. Water is an extremely important element

Sure, it’s incredibly necessary for living creatures to live — but did you know that without it, ARMYs wouldn’t have been blessed with this gorgeous view of Jungkook’s side profile?

7. With a face like this?

There’s no way an amazing work of art like Jungkook would ever be alone.

8. Look at him when he’s debating

Is it even considered a debate when you’re just nodding to whatever he’s saying because you were distracted by his face?

9. There are two things that ARMYs will focus on in this picture

The obvious first choice is his side profile.

And the second option? Clue: maybe it was freezing in the studio when they took this shot?

10. Go and get that bread, Jungkook

11. Perfection exists and Jungkook is proof of that

12. One of the greatest mysteries…

…is how an adorable face can exude such a powerful, masculine aura even when it’s just a picture of his side profile.