10 Glorious Times Seo Ye Ji Looked Like A Visual Goddess, Even Without Any Makeup On

You think she’s pretty, without any makeup on~

Popular Korean actress Seo Ye Ji is taking the world by storm with her role as feisty children’s book author Ko Moon-young in the hit drama It’s Okay to Not Be Okay on tvN.

In addition to her “powerful personality”, viewers of the show also like the star’s costumes and sense of style, fashion and makeup displayed in the drama.

But did you know that beneath all the makeup and the fancy outfits, Seo Ye Ji’s bare face also looks immaculate, too?

Here are 10 of her best “no-makeup looks” for your viewing pleasure today.

1. Her pouty face is so cute!

2. A simple smile is a woman’s best accessory.

3. How can someone look so flawless?

4. It’s okay for her to not wear makeup, as she still looks good!

5. Her eye smile is prominent when she’s not wearing any eye shadow on top of it.

6. Driving to your heart with her perfect bare face

7. Who needs coffee when you can wake up to this view in the morning?

8. A happy tummy is a happy Seo Ye Ji.

9. Her feminine charms are highlighted when she has no makeup on.

10. #messyhairdontcare

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