6 Good Night Tweets From ASTRO’s MJ That Will Make You Sleep Better

The night is better because of MJ!

ASTRO is always sending Arohas good night tweets, but main vocal MJ seems to be leading the game when it comes to wishing their fans to have sweet dreams!

MJ even refers to himself as “글쓴이” which means “writer” and adds a unique nickname for every good night tweet he sends!

1. Sweet dreams from “M-Bye”

He addresses Arohas and says, “Our Arohas~~ Today too, good night. Writer M-Bye” and used the hashtags “#TomorrowToo #WillBeFullOf #GoodThings”

2. Dream of MJ for better sleep!

MJ wishes Arohas to dream of him as they go to sleep with a cute message saying, “Our Arohas, good night~~ Writer M-Sleep. #Todaytoo #DreamOfMe”

3. Writer M-Night

Another sweet good night tweet from “Writer M-Night” as he sends Arohas to sleep.

4. All smiles from Writer M-Yawn!

MJ is full of smiles as he sends Arohas to sleep with another sweet message.

5. Member Eunwoo joins MJ and wish Arohas a good night.

Fellow member Eunwoo makes an appearance in MJ’s regular good night tweet through a selfie with MJ, and a message that says “Our Aroha, good night. Writer M-Night #GoodNight #Aroha.”

6. Sweet MJ reminds Aroha to keep themselves warm!

MJ makes Arohas’ hearts flutter as he reminds them to keep themselves warm and to be careful not to catch a cold, with a short but sweet message saying “Aroha~~ Since it’s raining, be careful not to catch a cold!! Cover yourself warmly with a blanket and sleep well. Writer M oppa #Hehe #GoodNight”

Aroha’s are always on the look out for MJ’s regular messages to help them fall asleep better at night!