10+ GOT7 JB Looked Like He Would Be The Perfect Boyfriend

GOT7‘s JB is known for capturing what is known as the perfect “Boyfriend” look – a laid back and casual street style that one could still bring home to their parents.

15. Cherry Blossoms And A Black T-Shirt

14. Big Jacket And Glasses

13. Ballcap and Oversides Sunglasses + Coffeehouse

12. Oversized Gray Sweatshirt

11. This Ballcap, A Second Time

10. Oversized Red Sweater and Bucket Hat

9. Glasses And Oversized Button Up

8. Varsity Jacket W/ Optional Puppy

7. White T-shirt w/ Black Stripes And Ballcap

6. Oversized Gray Sweater and White Ballcap

5. Bucket Hat, Black Look, and Coffee

4. Leather Jacket, Tan Shoes, Upswept Hair

3. Cleaning Up In A Blazar and Black Slacks

2. All Dressed Up (And Tired)

1. Everything About This Look

JB Might Just Always Be Rocking The “Boyfriend” Look