10 Great K-Pop Gifts To Give For Secret Santa This Christmas

Or, you could gift it to yourself, too. No judgement.

Christmas is almost here! And with the holiday season almost upon us, you’re probably wondering…what makes the perfect gift? Well, look no further! Here are 10 gifts that are perfect for your die-hard K-Pop best friends…and for you, too!


1) A Red Velvet “Bad Boy” Hoodie

This hoodie, with Red Velvet‘s signature bada*ss line “Another Bad Boy Down” is so perfect for Reveluvs!  And with the cold season here, it’d be perfect to keep you warm, too!



2) SEVENTEEN Watercolor Notebook

If you’re a stationery buff, this notebook with the most beautiful, intricate watercoloring of SEVENTEEN‘s logo is perfect for you! Let it motivate you to get through your classes, and then be by your side as you jam to SEVENTEEN!



3) These BTS T-Shirts

Heed BTS‘s empowering message to love yourselves with these “Love Yourself” and “Euphoria” long-sleeved Tees!


4) “It’s A K-Pop Thing” Throw Pillow

With this pillow, you can literally hug K-Pop now! It’s not your bias, but slightly close enough.


5) BTS’s Jimin “Serendipity” Landscape Poster

Welcome this poster from everywhere whenever you want to be reminded of Jimin!


6) K-Pop Pyjajamas

Sleep comfortably with your K-Pop pyjamas giving you the ultimate joy!


7) Dress Like BLACKPINK, TWICE And Many Other Groups By Shopping Their Entire Closet

Loved BLACKPINK Jennie‘s look at a certain performance? Or think TWICE Momo‘s casual wear is everything? Check out stuff from fashionchingu to look just like your K-Pop bias!

8) “K-Pop Is My Life” Mug

If it wasn’t already clear to everybody in your life that K-Pop is the single most important thing in your universe, announce it louder with the help of this cool mug!


9) Get your friends (or yourself) a subscription for a surprise K-Pop box every month!

When there are waaay too many things to get your friend (or yourself) under the wide umbrella of K-Pop merch, you can get them a subscription for surprise merch every month from different groups!


10) Zipper Pouches Of Your Favorite Group

Store all of your knick-knacks in these zipper pouches featuring your fav bias group!


Happy Christmas shopping!