10 Groups Who Performed During A Rainstorm…And Got Completely Soaked

Have you ever sang in a storm? These K-Pop groups have! When a thunderstorm suddenly rolls in and rain begins to pour, the show must still go on!  Here are some groups who fought through the rain and still killed it on stage!


1. f(x)

Shortly after their debut, f(x) was caught in a major downpour. This didn’t stop them from giving it their all for the people in attendance. The girls danced through the rain, and made sure to give a great performance!


2. Girl’s Day

Music Core thought it was a good idea for Girl’s Day to perform outside in spite of the heavy rains. Despite being completely soaked, the girls made light of the situation, and was all smiles!



TWICE was in the middle of a performance when a powerful storm blew in. Despite the pouring rain, the members of TWICE continued on with their cheerful and spirited performance, while getting completely soaked in the process.


4. AOA

The girls of AOA were in Busan performing for a festival when it started pouring mid-performance. The girls carried on, and completed their song with professionalism!


5. SHINee

As the members of SHINee were serenading the people of Hong Kong, a freak thunder storm started pouring rain on the people in attendance. This didn’t stop them from finishing their performance. They definitely had fun while performing, too!



Performing in the middle of a rainstorm doesn’t seem to bother the girls of GFRIEND much. Despite being soaking wet, you can clearly see them having fun during their performance!


7. Crush

Crush was hit with severe rain even before his performance began. His clothes and face were soaked, and he had trouble keeping his eyes opened because of the pouring rain hitting his face. He still sang beautifully, and fans in attendance praised him for his professionalism.



Before their eventual disbandment, KARA was a girl group that had a lot of experience. One of their experiences included performing at a college festival in the pouring rain. Because so many students came out to see them despite the horrible weather, the girls of KARA made sure to give a good show!


9. 2PM

2PM is known to be a veteran group that maintains their composure when it comes to performances. So much so, that the sudden downpour of rain didn’t even phase them during their live TV performance.


10. EXO

During a concert in Tokyo, a sudden rainstorm hit the venue, causing major downpours. This didn’t stop EXO from showing their professionalism by completing their performance, and improvising dance moves to utilize the rain in their dancing.