10 Groups Which Had To Wait The Longest Lengths Of Time Ever For Their First Win

These groups had to wait years for their first win.

Some groups don’t have to wait long for their first win. ITZY, for example, earned their first win just nine days after their debut. Others are left waiting quite a while, these are groups that had to wait the longest lengths of time in history for their first win.

1. Oh My Girl

Oh My Girl had to wait for 1,008 days before their first win. They earned it for “Secret Garden” on The Show in late 2018.


EXID weren’t always the powerhouse group they are now. Until their hit song “Up & Down” was released, they were a struggling girl group that were failing to get momentum. Speaking of “Up & Down”, EXID earned their first win for that song on M! Countdown 1,057 days after their debut.

3. DIA

DIA was a group that was rumoured to be disbanding before the success of their single “WooWoo”. Thankfully for DIA and their fans, it looks like the group will continue for the foreseeable future. After 1,065 days, DIA won The Show with “WooWoo” to earn their first win.


ASTRO just recently earned their first win on The Show much to the delight of their fans. This took place 1,071 days after debut and they earned it with the song “All Night”.


5. Girl’s Day

Girl’s Day were another girl group who was not an instant success. It took them several concept changes and 1,094 days before they earned their first win. It was for “Female President” and it happened on a cancelled episode of SBS Inkigayo. Thankfully, they were able to earn another win for the song that was televised.

6. Boyfriend

Boyfriend is a veteran group in 2019 as they have been active for 9 years. They didn’t earn their first win until 2014, 1,264 days after their debut when they won The Show with their song “Witch”.


BTOB‘s beautiful ballads and meaningful lyrics went unappreciated for a long time but eventually, they managed to get their first win on Show Champion for “Way Back Home”. It took them 1,309 days.

8. CLC

CLC is another Cube group that semi-struggled for years before their first win. CLC has just earned their first win for “No” on The Show 1,426 days after their debut. With this comeback, it looks like CLC is finally picking up some steam and hopefully they can carry this momentum into their next comeback.


NU’EST W earned NU’EST’s first a staggering 2,044 days after their debut. Their hit song “Where You At” spurred NU’EST W to victory on M! Countdown. The members were so shocked by their win that they were at a loss for words.

10. U-KISS

The record for the longest ever time between debut and first win goes to U-KISS who had to wait over five years (2,164 days) to win a music show. U-KISS won a special “China Choice” episode of The Show.