10+ Gifs Of Habits That BTS’s Jungkook Learned From Jin

Jin practically raising Jungkook.

BTSJin and Jungkook have an interesting relationship with each other, where sometimes they are like brothers to each other.

Other times, they diss each other like enemies.

Jin is the eldest in BTS, while Jungkook is the youngest, so Jungkook might have learned some habits from Jin through the years. A YouTube channel by the name of “Jin’s cookie” compiled a list of some habits that Jungkook learned from Jin, here are 10 of those habits.

1. Cheesy lines

Jungkook can’t contain himself from saying a cheesy line, to which Jimin can’t stand.

It turns out that Jin influenced Jungkook.

2. Cheese pull

Here is Jin’s version.

Here is Jungkook’s version.

3. Not obeying the rules

Jin cutting his hair.

Jungkook dyeing his hair.

4. The pout

5. Confidence

Jin has always had confidence in his looks and has never been shy to admit it.

This behavior seems to have rubbed off on Jungkook, as he had a simple question for fans.

Jungkook was quite satisfied with the answer.

6. The hand kiss

7. Acting extra at concerts

Jin sure knows how to put on a performance and keep fans entertained.

Jungkook also seems to know how to keep fans entertained.

8. Selfie angles

Jin demonstrating the importance of low angles for a good selfie.

This seemed to have a little influence on Jungkook.

9. Cheesy gestures

Jin showing love to fans, even if it can look a little unique.

Jungkook also showed this kind of behavior to fans.

Jin couldn’t help but be proud of Jungkook and acknowledge his actions.

10. Mukbangs

Here is the full video below!