10 heart-stopping times GOT7 members revealed their abs

The GOT7 members have got some serious chocolate abs going on.

GOT7 has some competition between the members when it comes to the best abs – JB and Jackson are known to have some serious six packs, but some of the other boys might just give them a run for their money! Check out some of the heart-stopping moments GOT7 members teased fans by showing what they’ve got under those shirts!


1. When Jackson sweated it out shirtless.


2. When BamBam gave fans just a glimpse.


3. When JB lifted his shirt to show his football team what they were up against.


4. When Jackson gave fans exactly what they wanted – a shirtless Jackson.


5. When BamBam bared it all for a medical inspection in Thailand.


6. When Mark flashed his flat stomach during a jump.


7. When Jackson bared his chocolate abs, with no complaints.


8. When BamBam went for a dramatic reveal and Yugyeom seemed to find it amusing (with a bit of his own chest showing).


9. When Jackson made viewers swoon while cleaning his teeth on Law of The Jungle.


10. When BamBam’s cute headgear did not match what he had going on underneath.