10+ Heartbreaking Quotes From BTS’s Book “Beyond the Story”

These quotes reveal the sad truth about their experience.

The journey to stardom is often veiled behind a curtain of spectacle. Yet, beyond the flashing lights and adoring fanfare lies a path fraught with trials, tribulations, and soul-searching. This reality is poignantly captured in BTS‘s book, “Beyond the Story.”

This introspective narrative peels back the layers of their journey to global stardom, offering fans an intimate glimpse into their personal and professional struggles. Here, we have compiled over 10 of the most heartbreaking quotes from the book that shed light on the band’s most vulnerable moments. These quotes, raw and unfiltered, reveal the sad truth about their experience, giving us a greater appreciation for the strength, resilience, and humanity of these beloved stars.

1. The saddest quote of all…

V revealed his thoughts during the contract renewal period of BTS’s career.

We were working on LOVE YOURSELF, but we couldn’t love ourselves.

— V of BTS

2. Suga’s Childhood

The BTS star shared he felt guilty following his mother’s surgery when he was only two or three years old.

Ever since I was little, I would think, ‘Was it right that I was born?’

— Suga of BTS

3. V’s Standards

The singer felt worried he wouldn’t be able to live up to his fellow bandmates.

I often cried because I felt guilty that, ‘I don’t want to become a burden to BTS.’

— V of BTS

4. Bittersweet JiKook

Jimin recalls a bittersweet moment shared between him and the youngest member, Jungkook.

Listening to what he [Jungkook] had to say, I learned for the first time just how much he was struggling, and I cried a lot.

— Jimin of BTS

5. On The Brink Of Giving Up

Suga bravely disclosed their thoughts during some of BTS’s most challenging moments.

We wondered whether we should quit.

— Suga of BTS

6. Searching For Happiness

Jimin opened up about his existential crisis and struggle to find joy in their newfound fame.

 It was like … we’d started to feel the things we’d lost in becoming singers, celebrities. I often thought, ‘Is this happiness?’

— Jimin of BTS

7. The Weight Of Fame

RM reflected on the overwhelming pressures of maintaining their celebrity status.

Tomorrow I needed to do interviews on the red carpet with twenty media outlets, but I couldn’t think about whether it was hard or whatever.

— RM of BTS

8. Cold Reality

V shared a bitter truth about the initial struggles of BTS, highlighting the lack of recognition and respect they faced.

At the broadcasting stations, we’d always be the first to say hello and greet everyone, the sunbaes and the hubaes alike, but some people just ignored us and passed right by. Or mocked us for not even being candidates for top place.

— V of BTS

9. Strength In Retrospect

RM pondered on the strength it took to endure the harsh realities of their journey.

Looking back from now… I wonder how I managed to stand.

— RM of BTS

10. A Fragile But Strong Unity

Jin opened up about the delicate balance of their team and his fear of losing it.

I believed the team [BTS] couldn’t stay together if even one of us left.

— Jin of BTS

11. Unexpected Disappointment

J-Hope confessed the shock and disappointment they experienced during a crucial moment in their career.

We’d done about 20 music show pre-recordings and then went to a different program where they announced first place… Then, it turned out we weren’t even candidates for first place, which I think was a big shock.

— J-Hope of BTS


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