10 Heartwarming Married Korean Celebrity Couples

These couples will have you believing in love again.

Dating is one of the more controversial topics for Korean celebrities. Celebrities like idols are usually looked at to stay away from dating due to the taboo that idols shouldn’t date. Even some actors stay away from public dating due to the possibility it could affect their work. Despite this, there are many celebrity couples who went to get married and just bring a smile to our faces with their love for each other. Here are 10 of those couples.

1. Lee Bo Young & Ji Sung



2. Eugene & Ki Tae Young




3. Haha & Byul



4. Rain & Kim Tae Hee 




5. Won Bin & Lee Na Young 



6. Yeon Jung Hoon & Han Ga In 




7. Jo Jung Suk & Gummy 



8. Park Ha Sun & Ryu Soo Young




9. Kim So Yeon & Lee Sang Woo 




10. Joo Sang Wook & Cha Ye Ryun