10+ Hilarious #EasterWithBTS Memes To Celebrate The Holiday With BTS

Twitter fans imagine how BTS’s Easter will go down.

Last year, BTS fans created the #ThanksgivingWithBTS hashtag, a meme about the hilarious moments the members could share during the holidays (according to fans). Easter is right around the corner and fans are hopping on the #EasterWithBTS hashtag again. Here are some favorites from last year!


1. Savagery doesn’t take a holiday.


2. Who wouldn’t want a visit from the Kookie Bunny?


3. If this is how Easter is going down, the members might want to keep an eye on their Christmas presents.


4. Jungkook may have graduated, but Jin reminds him that he still has much to learn.


5. Ships never stop sailing, even during the holidays.


6. This is the moment when Father RM and Momma Jin should probably intervene.


7. Easter isn’t just for kids.


8. Given how many strange penalty outfits Suga has worn on BTS Run, he probably shouldn’t be judging Jungkook.


9. But you know Suga will always pull one on his brothers!


10. No matter the time, place or subject! 😂


11. Celebrating Easter with both the BTS and EXO boys? Yes please!