10 of the Most Hilarious “Meet My Mom” Memes on Twitter

These 10 idols would make the most iconic mothers.

On April 1, as an April Fools Joke, a hilarious meme emerged on Twitter. In the new meme, Twitter users pair statements about their “mom’s” budding modeling career with pictures of… not their mom. Of course, it wasn’t long before K-Pop twitter got involved, and the results were phenomenal. Congrats to these 10 idols on motherhood!

1. 45 Year Old Momma Baekhyun.

2. Neglected, Hardworking Mother Irene.

3. J-Hope is SLAYING Motherhood and has Never Been Happier.

4. IZ*ONE’s Yuri is Mother of the Year at only 17.

5. RM Stands for “Rap Mom”.

6. Taeil is the Belle of the Motherhood Ball.

7. It’s our Favorite Meme Mom: Hyungwon.

8. The LEGENDARY Jin Eomma.

9. Mama Jihyo and Papa Suga are the Definition of a Power Couple!

10. Jisoo is a Jobless Mother With an Impressive Resume.

They may vary in age and aspirations, but there’s one thing in common between these iconic idol mothers: they’re not.