10+ Hilarious Reactions To The First AI K-Pop “Dating Scandal”

“Will they meet on the same server?”

Recently, the first AI K-Pop dating scandal between SUPERKIND‘s Seung and MAVE:‘s ZENA was “discovered” by fans.

MAVE:’s ZENA | @mave_official_/Twitter

SUPERKIND’s Seung | @playsuperkind/Twitter

Viewers of Seung’s numerous TikTok posts about MAVE: first made the connection on SUPERKIND’s account, and proceeded to make many jokes about fighting for the AI’s attention. These reactions quickly spread to other platforms where K-Pop fans reacted to AI idols’ “dating rumor” in many ways.

Here are some of the funniest reactions!

1. Maybe you can find love online too?

2. Please don’t mock their blossoming love!

It is absolutely hilarious, though.

3. Can AIs blush?

Fans love seeing how flustered he got while thinking about her!

4. “Exposing their cookies like this.”

The internet jokes are A++.

5. Buy a lottery ticket!

It seems like the signs were always there!

6. We are all waiting for MAVE:’s official statement.

The company has yet to release a confirmation or denial.

7. How would their date happen?

Would they just connect to the same server?

8. It seems like that is how it would happen!

But what server are they meeting on? Is KWANGYA an option?

9. It is exciting, isn’t it?

It’s like a K-Drama IRL.

10. I thought Nævis and Saejin had dating rumors?

Fans previously joked about aespa‘s AI Nævis having dating rumors with SUPERKIND’s first AI member, Saejin.

11. He shouldn’t have to apologize to fans!

12. The question is, is it dial-up or 5G?